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By Ron Brzoska

When you read this, read it with the cadence of a Jeff Foxworthy “You might be a redneck” joke. The only problem is that this isn’t funny.

If you have to take over 1/6 of the economy to give insurance to 1/300 of the people… you are living in Obama’s America.

If your IRS Director is in contempt of Congress… you are living in Obama’s America. lois lerner

If you say the economy is on recovery as the real unemployment rate continues to rise… you are living in Obama’s America.

If major financial reform (Dodd-Frank) doesn’t include the two entities largely responsible… you are living in Obama’s America. imagesCAJ1XMS9

If a law is unpopular, and the president’s answer is to pick and chose which parts to enforce or delay… you are living in Obama’s America.

If members of your oversight committee are implicated in the very investigation they are overseeing… you are living in Obama’s America.           cummings

If requiring ID for early voting is fine, but requiring ID for election day itself is racist… you are living in Obama’s America.

If you campaign against the evil corporations, and then appoint the CEOs to your cabinet… you are living in Obama’s America.                                                                                                                                          imagesCAALOSBS

If we can’t dispatch soldiers to save an American ambassador, but we can dispatch troops to stop a cattle drive… you are living in Obama’s America.


If your HHS Secretary resigns in weariness and frustration after touting the success of her crowning historic achievement… you are living in Obama’s America.                                                                                                                              sebelius

If your Attorney General gives weapons to drug cartels, but wants tracking bracelets for law-abiding citizens wanting to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights… you are living in Obama’s America.                                                            holder

If a shooter yelling “Allahu Ackbar” before opening fire at a military base is termed “workplace violence”… you are living in Obama’s America.

nidal hassan

If SuperPac money is evil, but Big Labor donations are unquestionable… you are living in Obama’s America.

If rising insurance premiums are called “affordable” while a free ID is called an undue hardship… you are living in Obama’s America.

And finally…

If you didn’t vote for this president, and you can’t understand why anyone did… you are living in Obama’s America.


By Ron Brzoska

Last Wednesday the Supreme Court struck down the limits on aggregate campaign contributions and the left nearly lost their collective minds. (Ha! Get it? …”left”… “collective”… guess you had to be there.) Anyway, the left is portraying the decision as the end of campaign finance reform (as if it ever existed) and that an infinite amount of money from the Koch Brothers is about to flood every election. Between this and the Citizens United decision, progressives would have you believing that the Republicans are now destined to win every election.

The narrative has long been that big money goes to the Republican Party. This is a long-standing fallacy; one that I can’t believe the Republican Party hasn’t been able to demonstrate. Since January of 1989, $3,014,026,066.00 has been donated to political campaigns by groups known as “heavy hitters.”

Of that, 38.9% ($1,172,121,553.44) went to Republican candidates while 55.5% ($1,671,916,127.09) went to Democratic Party candidates. The remainder went to third-party or candidates in non-partisan races. Even with the disparity among the two major parties, we are still talking about enormous sums of money. So for the left to be against large campaign contributions from corporations, they would be hurting themselves right? Not so much. If you take the money from these evil corporations out of the coffers of the respective parties, you get the following: Democrats drop by 33% to $1,123,181,257.78 while the Republicans lose 65% of their funding to put them at $412,423, 629.59. The Democrats ratio of campaign dollars over the Republicans would be nearly three to one.  That is an advantage that no one can overcome. Let’s be honest, the hue and cry over campaign contributions has nothing to do with the desire for purity and innocence in elections. It’s about power.



Photo also courtesy of

It was just two years ago when President Obama was caught on an open mic saying the following to Russian President Dimitri Medvedev:

President Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.

President Medvedev: Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…

President Obama: This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

President Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.

While this was chalked up then to mean only missile defense, and was generally portrayed in the media as another case of the right making another one of their crazy conspiracy theories, considering what has happened with the Ukraine and Russia’s annexation of the Crimea… should we take another look? No, I am not saying our president is in on it or condones the Russian actions, but what if Russian President Medveved didn’t really understand what President Obama meant?

I take President Obama’s statements as a kind brush off. He probably found some of the positions held by the Russians to be in conflict with what he wanted to do, and what the United States wanted to do, particularly in an election year. Rather than creating ill will between Russia and America at a time when he was vulnerable, Obama wanted to table those issues for a future time.

Fast forward to today. Have we followed up? Probably not? Did we clarify our positions? Who knows? Did Medvedev, Putin, and the Russian policy makers perceive Obama’s assurances as consent and agreement… and that he only needed to get through the election before he could formally endorse them? Did the Russians have the same perception as the “vast right-wing conspiracy”?

I learned a long time ago that perception is reality. This may be a lesson that our president was naïve about in this case.

By Ron Brzoska

Since last Tuesday, I have seen a number of news reports and articles telling us what the results of the Illinois primaries mean for us that live here, and how it projects to the rest of the country. Since they completely miss the mark, I am compelled to relate my experience and tell you what I have learned.


If one general conclusion can be drawn and a brush swept broadly across a banner in the sky, this is what it would have to say. This is quite a statement when you compare it to the bloodbath Illinois experienced in November of 2012. I should be more specific. The ILGOP establishment is weaker than ever before. I say this for a number of reasons. First and foremost is Bruce Rauner. The final tally will say that he only won by three points. This is a misnomer. Rauner would have won by well over ten points in a four man field if it weren’t for the massive GOTV effort made by the unions that came to back Kirk Dillard. The party is now embracing Bruce Rauner, but they need to do some introspection and answer these questions for themselves:

  • After the debacle of 2010, why weren’t they able to recruit a field better than two retreads and a one that would be easy to blackmail? Did they try?
  • Is it ok for republicans in Illinois to recruit from voter bases that are decidedly not Republicans only to be beholden to them later.
  • Will Bruce Rauner be as interested in furthering the Republican party as he has been in furthering his own ambitions?
  • Will the Rauner voters stay with the party after he is gone?
  • Why was the only real hope and excitement for Illinois’ future provided by someone who is known as Rahm Emmanuel’s vacation buddy?

Another area of weakness was exhibited by the House Republican Organization (HRO). They seem to favor compliance over participation in the political process. They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars protecting their candidates from primary challenges. This has House Minority Leader Jim Durkin beside himself. He was so upset that he held a press conference where he sounded more like an Occupy Wall Street protester lamenting the Koch Brothers than a Republican leader. He was not happy with the dollars spent by Liberty PAC, Illinois Family Action, and others to unseat incumbents that had voting records that Michael Madigan approved of, but their constituents did not. When asked if those same restrictions and levels of transparency should be applied to the HRO, Durkin refused to answer. Do as I say and not as I do.

This weakness manifested itself in the nastiness exhibited in this election. You have the ugliness of the Rutherford scandal. Then there was Goel v Kaifesh, Sandack v Matune, Sullivan v Bednar, Gorman v Bellar, and others. Without rehashing any of the details and bad blood, it is safe to say that strong leadership within the ILGOP would not have tolerated it and candidates would have been less inclined to behave that way in the first place.

The last point demonstrating Republican weakness, was some Republican candidates appealing to Democrats to vote for them as a last resort. While theses candidates never uttered the words “Democrats, vote for me” their operatives actively made calls, posted on social media, and handed out fliers. The polling firm of Ogden and Fry has reported that approximately 65,000 votes for Kirk Dillard could be attributed to Democratic crossover votes. There obviously had to be some kind of effect down-ballot. I’m certain that my state rep district was decided by Democrats. I know teachers that were called and told to pull republican ballots, and I saw democrats tell my state rep that they voted for him. Ask yourself what if this happened in our governor’s race. What if Dillard had won, and he had the Democrats to thank? He didn’t run a social conservative platform (he made appeals, but it was not the thrust of his race). What couldn’t the Republicans offer that an “outsider” could?  Could we have been proud of that?


There were encouraging signs however. Although they didn’t win their races, the campaigns of Doug Truax and Chris Balkema have to be eye openers. Both were a lot closer than expected and there is reason to believe that Democratic crossover would have benefitted them. God willing, this is not the last we hear of these two conservatives.

We also got some great victories across the state of Illinois. We have a promising candidate to take on Tammy Duckworth in Larry Kaifesh (CD-8). A handful of state reps give us a reason to feel the future is bright in election night winners Mark Ekhoff (34th), Jeannie Ives (Re-elected in district 42, but faced an establishment challenger), Peter Breen (48th), Keith Wheeler (50th), John D. Anthony (75th), Mark Batinick (97th), and Reggie Phillips (110th). Along with these gains are stories of victories in every county across the state. We have something to believe in and are waking up. Let’s keep it going.

Prologue: I sent this on February 25th. To date I have not received the courtesy of a response from either of them, an aide, or even an email auto-response. Since February 25th the House Republican Organization mailers have become even more vicious and toxic. I am ashamed of my party. I am distributing this publicly because the voice of the electorate needs to be heard, not ignored.


Leader Durkin and Representative Bellock,

My name is Ron Brzoska. I am a precinct committeeman in Downers Grove Township, precinct 104. I have been a consistent and hard worker in my precinct, first as an assistant, and now finishing my first term as an elected committeeman. I am an administrator on the DGTRO Facebook page and was one of the top petition circulators in the township despite living in a “blue” precinct. I tell you these things not to brag, but rather to illustrate my commitment to the Republican Party, and the quality of life that our beliefs bring to our families and neighbors.

That commitment is shaken.

Before the remap, I had the good fortune of having Representative Bellock as my representative in Springfield. Since the remap, I have had Ron Sandack as my state rep. I voted for him two years ago and have regretted it more often than not with each of his votes since. Ron Sandack misrepresented himself to me and does not represent the votes and values that I and most Republicans have. That is why I am supporting Keith Matune in this election.  Naturally, the HRO is supporting the incumbent. I understand HRO’s position of supporting its teammates and can appreciate it. I also appreciate positive pieces that highlight the credentials of the incumbent. What I do not appreciate is the lengths that HRO is going in this election to support this particular incumbent. I received the HRO mailer against Keith Matune. Because I live in School District 99, I know that it is a lie. I am angry to see a personal friend smeared, and ashamed that my party leadership would authorize distribution of flat out lies made against a fellow Republican. How do I sell the Republican Party to the voters of my precinct when they see this kind of vicious dishonesty on display?  The side of the mailer with the woman and her house in foreclosure is downright disgraceful. It is reminiscent of the attacks Democrats made on Paul Ryan where they said his budget was pushing grandmothers off of cliffs.

In the event you believe that I am mistaken, I am also attaching the real Matune voting record along with quotes from the District 99 board meeting minutes and Tribune stories where it is perfectly clear that he did not vote to raise the property tax levy. I will be spending the remainder of the primary season setting the record straight with as many voters in the 81st district as I can. My job to get out the vote for Republicans is harder now. People are not stupid. The question I am getting now is “If Republicans will lie about their own, what else will they lie about?”

I respectfully ask that a public retraction be made regarding the lies made about Keith Matune. Short of that, I can only say the disappointment and disillusionment that I and other die-hard Republicans have for what should be a stellar leadership team will grow.

Respectful and kindest regards,

Ron Brzoska – Precinct Committeeman – DGTRO – 104

Matune Tax Vote Facts

By Ron Brzoska

Today we are one more step towards a monarchy. Today Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats chose the “nuclear option” and changed the senate rules on filibusters to allow a simple majority to close a filibuster rather than requiring 60% for the Senate to close debate and call for a vote on judicial appointments. Democrats argue that this is necessary to stop the Republicans from spitefully blocking President Obama’s nominees from appointment. They argue that this stops gridlock and speeds up the business of government.

They are correct. They are correct because you can’t have gridlock without debate. They are correct about speeding up government, because you can’t stop if you remove the brakes. You may still wonder why we should be concerned. Doesn’t this make government more efficient? Doesn’t this stop the senseless bickering? Isn’t it ok because the same rules will apply when Republicans are in charge?

If by being efficient, you mean that there are no longer any checks and balances on presidential appointments, then yes, you would be correct. Going back to my earlier analogy about removing the brakes, does removing the brakes from your car make for a better car, or one that just blows through stop signs? You are not safer. This is not better government. This is a rubber stamp. This means that the only thing that can stop an Obama appointee from confirmation is scandal. The healthy debate over the course of policy in our country will not take place. This is what John Locke referred to as tyranny of the majority. All appointments will be made along party lines. The people are not being considered; agendas are.

But why? Why would the Democrats do this? Why would they have been so much against this in the past that they would do a 180 now? Where did this come from anyway? The truth of the matter is that President Obama will be making judicial appointments soon. In order to stave off the challenges to the executive orders and other overreaches his administration has put in place, he will need a very like-minded activist court that has an evolving interpretation of the Constitution. The ability to filibuster nominations forces President Obama to nominate more moderate judges to these posts in order to avoid filibusters and fill the vacancies. It is not a lock that a moderate judge will agree with the Obama Administration’s interpretation of the constitution and may vote in favor of a more Republican traditional interpretation. By taking away the filibuster, Harry Reid allows the president to appoint the most progressive judicial candidates, thereby insulating their policies from challenge.

If you agree with the policies of President Obama and Senator Reid, then you might tell me that it’s too bad. My side lost, get over it. This is what happens when you win elections. I respond by saying that winning and losing elections is not the point. American government is not supposed to be so knee-jerk. The United States is a representative republic. We cannot deny a party their right to participate. Would it be right if Mitt Romney had won Republicans were behaving the same way? No. It is not about the letter next to the Senator’s name. This is about consensus and cooperation forming policy, not partisanship. President Obama promised to be a post-partisan president. Today’s actions in the senate make him a hyper-partisan president.


I have a game to play with you today. It’s called “Which Lie Is Worse?” I will give you two situations where a politician or apparatus of government lied. It is up to you to decide which lie was worse. I’ll change the names to protect the guilty, but the photos I’ll use in this post will probably give them away.

rahm2The first is a lie told by the mayor of a town that begins with “C”, ends with “O” and has a “hicag” in the middle. (Anyone remember the super-fans out there?) For the purposes of this game, I will call him “Tahm” Emanuel. Mayor Emanuel (shucks, I gave him away) created a new speed camera system in Chicago that places cameras a certain points in the city that are in the vicinity of schools for the purposes of catching speeders near schools that may be endangering children. It just so happens that the radius being monitored near schools encompasses about 90% of the city of Chicago. That isn’t the lie. That’s just an unfortunate (if you are a lead foot) circumstance. The lie comes from where the money collected from the speeding tickets is supposed to go. See, Mayor Emanuel sold the speed camera concept on the promise that the money collected from the fines would go into a special fund for the children of Chicago. A few days ago the mayor unveiled his 2014 budget. Strangely, there was no line item in his budget for a fund for children. Instead, nearly $70 million dollars will go into the general fund. I guess that’s one way to get people to vote for their own tax increases. Source:,0,7114410.story?r=5779D8151256F1Y

censusThe second lie comes from the “Consensus Bureau.” The Consensus Bureau takes a census every month (Doh! Did I give it away?) of people and their employment status each month. This data is used to help create our monthly unemployment report that we hear on the news outlets. It turns out that for some time, the bureau had directed one of its people to fabricate data used to create the unemployment statistics. This fabrication escalated as we got closer to the presidential election. This resulted in a 3 point drop just before the election that made it appear that President Obama’s economic policies were working. It can be strongly argued that these better unemployment figures stole an election and changed history. Source:


So we have a tough one here. You decide which one is worse: Raising taxes in the name of children and using the money elsewhere, or lying to a nation in order to steal an election.

By Ron Brzoska

On Thursday I wrote a blog entitled You Are All Missing the Point. In that post I talked about how President Obama’s offer to allow health insurers to extend the plans of people they had cancelled was both hollow and illegal. My opinion was very much in line with many of the news reports and pundits reporting on it. I also talked about how Republicans need to stop trying to help cover this critical mistake by the democrats by trying to help them fix it. Seize the momentum. Even John McCain has stopped capitulating for the moment and is advocating scrapping Obama-care. The mantra needs to remain “Repeal and Replace.”

Unfortunately, there are still too many Republicans that are calling for delaying the individual mandate for a year without removing the law. It leaves this voter with the feeling that they aren’t concerned with repealing Obama-care, but rather are interested in being popular enough to win election/re-election by appearing to be against it.  Maybe the problem is that instead of listening to the constituents, Congress seems to think the media are its constituents and base their actions on the headlines. That would explain why after Thursdays headlines spoke of President Obama’s “fix” for the cancelled plans, the GOP decided to craft and vote on a bill of their own “fix” that mimicked what the president came up with. The bill passed overwhelmingly with all but 4 Republican votes and managed to take 39 Democratic votes with them.

This is a good thing right? NO! First, it has now attached the Republicans to the Affordable Care Act. They are voting to delay it which gives the plan time to entrench, and they are giving a life line to pols on the ropes like Dick Durbin who keep asking for Republicans to help fix Obama-care instead of opposing it. The bill also gave cover to those 39 Democrats that voted with them. The 39 can now claim on their campaign lit that they voted to keep your plan when a week ago, the Republican challenger could say on their literature that Congressman “X” voted for Obama-care which made millions of Americans lose their health insurance. Idiots! Finally, it’s a hollow bill. It only puts off the suffering. It doesn’t remove it.

Let me paint you a picture from my own congressional district, the 11th in Illinois. My congressman is Bill Foster. Two days ago, he was the congressman that admitted that he didn’t read the AFA before voting for it in 2009. He was voted out of office in 2010, but thanks to gerrymandering, is now my representative. Until yesterday, he had no defense to protect him from Obama-care backlash in the next election. Foster voted yesterday with the Republicans. He now can claim compassion for those that lost their plans rather than being a poster-child for what needs to removed from Washington. The DNC should give John Boehner a thank you card for his efforts to help Bill Foster re-election. foster2

There are five Republicans that are hoping to represent the party as Foster’s challenger in the general election. One of and perhaps the leading candidate, Darlene Senger either doesn’t get it either or she is receiving bad advice. She has a new website to compliment her campaign, Again, while well-meaning, the premise is weak. Don’t delay, repeal! Delaying puts off the pain. It doesn’t remove it. Disclose refers to giving us the number of enrollees in the Affordable Care Act in Illinois and the number of cancellations. Almost as soon as the website went up, we are given the number of enrollees in Illinois: 1,370. Pathetic, but so what? Even if the number were 100 times that, it wouldn’t change the fact that Obama-care is awful and destructive. Even worse for State Rep Senger, her initiative is falling flat. As of this writing, only 396 people have signed her petition. That’s only about a third of the anemic Obama-care enrollment numbers. In order to not only win elections, but to effect positive change, we need to make bold, decisive statements and present the corresponding policies and initiatives. Come out and say Obama-care needs to go. Come out and say I am the candidate to do it. Haven’t the adventures of the past week proven to us all the more that when you put politicians together and give them a problem to fix, all they do is come up with a swirl of mud? Hands off my healthcare, now and forever. Get it?senger

By Ron Brzoska

There is a lot of excitement and consternation over the insurance plan cancellations and lackluster enrollment numbers of Obamacare. The numbers are so bad that even democrats are turning on the president and channeling their inner Ted Cruz. Many of the Republicans that thought Cruz, Mike Lee, and others were being unreasonable are now calling for a delay in the individual mandate.  Democrats up for re-election had a special meeting with President Obama asking him what to do. ACA

Again, these republicans are missing the boat. They are too timid. While MILLIONS of Americans are clamoring for their old plans and rejecting Obamacare, these republicans are failing to listen. Instead of pushing for repeal and replace, they are only asking for a one year delay. What good is a delay? The Affordable Care Act would still be intact and enforced. They are asking for the real enrollment numbers. Who cares? What does that information get you besides a clever slide show?

These same republicans will now claim a victory with what President Obama did today. What did he do exactly? Well, he seemed to make people happy by saying you can keep your plan if you like it … for one more year… IF…

  • Your plan didn’t change, or…
  • Your plan was cancelled and your service provider offers it back to you, and…
  • Your service provider tells you what their plan is lacking in achievement of the Obamacare standards, and…
  • Your service provider tells you which government plan will cover you, and…
  • It may not matter anyway since regulation is left up to the states. (

If you are paying attention, this means that the president did a lot of talking, but didn’t say much of anything. President Obama put the responsibility on the insurance companies to fulfill conditions he knows they do neither have the time, nor the resources, to comply with. An insurance company is not allowed to offer your old plan back to you unless they do your homework for you. Why should they do all of this extra work to keep you for only one more year? That’s just bad business. In what world is it sound for one company to provide the customer with competitor information for the sole purpose of driving you AWAY from their product? Even better for Obama, the insurance companies have no obligation to offer you your old plan. This again is designed to make the government the good guys. If you don’t get your old plan back, they can claim it is because of those evil insurance companies. We didn’t win anything today.

bhoBut even what I said above is missing the point. That is because the above doesn’t address the fact that no one, not even the president, has the kind of power to just arbitrarily change the laws to satisfy the mob. We still have a Constitution. Laws are created by the legislature and enforced by the executive branch. They are not wielded by one power. The ease in which President Obama does this and no one utters a peep should be so alarming that it gives us all pause.

What are we becoming, or should I ask: what have we become?

I’m a few days late from capitalizing on the headline, but I wanted to take the time to let the dust settle, learn a little more about the situation, and see if after that my opinion would change. It didn’t.

I’m talking about the Virginia governor’s race, the loss of Ken Cuccinelli, and the tragedy inflicted on the people of Virginia.  It didn’t have to happen. Blame has been thrown around from every sector you can imagine. Each side is looking for a scapegoat and a person to declare war on. In simplest terms, it boils down to either it’s the Republican establishments’ fault or it is a rejection of the flawed conservative. However, the blame doesn’t belong with any one person. It belongs with everyone.

…because WE are all idiots! ken-cuccinelli-is-fighting-to-keep-virginias-kids-safe

The Republican establishment DID quit on Ken Cuccinelli. RNC Chairman Reince Preibus claims otherwise and argues that $3 million and the ground game the RNC helped create were not the actions of a quitter. The fact remains that the money spent was only one third of what the RNC spent in the last election and the only ground game to be seen was the grass roots and large numbers of out of state supporters of Cuccinelli. The fact is that resources were withdrawn by the RNC in October. The reason that resources were withdrawn is where conservatives jump the shark. The reason they withdrew support was not about some ideological divide. They just were afraid of throwing good money after bad. Was it bad intelligence? Yes. More resources would not have been a waste.  Worse yet, the Republican party is making a habit of running from a fight. Any fight. Unfortunately, the Cuccinelli campaign ended up mirroring the Romney campaign. Romney didn’t go for the jugular (the reason doesn’t matter, only the fact that he did) and the RNC wasn’t “all in” here either. It was a big mistake, not only based on what we know now, but that the Virginia election was a referendum on Obamacare. President Obama even campaigned for McAuliffe. This is the key campaign issue that helps Republicans. If we don’t carry the flag and charge against Obamacare now, for the first Attorney General that sued the government over Obamacare, when will we ever? The RNC retreat is demoralizing for the base. Put your money where your mouth is RNC … literally.

But the base is not without fault, and it could be argued, more fault. I have been guilty of applying the much deserved charge of RINO. I have been guilty of throwing my hands up in the air and saying “I can’t support this RINO. I don’t even want to vote.” I HAVE wanted to vote for a third party. The thing that stops me from following through is that I’m not stupid. That’s right. I said it. Let me be clear. The 6.6% of Virginians that voted for the Libertarian candidate are idiots. First off, your guy wasn’t even a libertarian. He was planted by the democrats to run under your banner. How the heck does this happen under your nose? Let me be fair, that 6.6% of votes for Sarvis were not all Libertarians. Second, the big kahuna of Libertarians, Ron Paul, came to Virginia and flat out told you not to waste your vote on Robert Sarvis. But you guys voted for him anyway. What did it get you? Governor Terry McAuliffe. Are you happy now?

I get it. I hate it myself. I can’t stand it when I am told that I have to hold my nose and vote for a Republican that votes with the Democrats more than half the time. You didn’t have that problem Virginia. So what is your problem? mcauliffe

The bottom line is that we have to realize what is our worst possible future (in this case Governor Terry McAuliffe), and do everything we can to keep that from happening. If we are ever going to pull our country back to the center-right, we have to stop shooting ourselves in the foot. We like to think we are the best on fiscal issues because math is on our side. While that may be true, Democrats seem to be better at math when it comes to winning elections.


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