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By Ron Brzoska

You may or may not be aware of the controversy surrounding the Illinois branch of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly (RNHA). Some links to stories regarding the controversy are below.

In a nutshell, for two years a faction of RINO republicans that work with and are sympathetic to Democratic congressman Luis Gutierrez, have been trying to take over the organization. Unfortunately, the state GOP establishment seems to be taking the side of this illegitimate group. This group, led by Steve Orlando, is trying to solidify its hold by making appeals to different county GOP chairs. One of these events is about to take place in DuPage County. Steve Orlando has recruited Evelyn Sanguenetti to host a RNHA “kick-off event” at DuPage County GOP HQ next week with DuPage County GOP Chair Darlene Ruscitti.

What am I asking you to do?

I am asking you to please get the word out to your networks and contacts that this event is being put together by the fake RNHA IL that has ties to Chicago Democrats. Please ask them to call Darlene Ruscitti at 630-880-8192, ask her to not speak at this event and even spread the word on facebook. You can even send emails to her at or

Attached is a letter sent to the IL GOP Central Committee alerting them to the latest attempt by Orlando to take over an organization illegally. It is my understanding that Angel Garcia AND Demetra Demonte tried to have the IL GOP SCC recognize Orlando’s group at their SCC meeting yesterday in Springfield. They were rejected…again. A similar letter is being sent to all IL GOP County Chairmen soon.


Please do not sit this one out. Thank you.

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