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I admit that I’m not up to speed on all of the issues involved in the Chicago teachers strike. In the name of fairness, I’m not going to blame one side over the other for that reason. One thing that both sides should be able to agree on is that no one is happy about striking. Unfortunately, I’m seeing a lot of pictures of teachers on the picket line having more fun than they did on their summer vacations. Even more unfortunate, one of those teachers whooping it up is a family member. They just don’t get it.

While some of the teachers may have forgotten what is really important, there is a group of high school and college students that “get it” in a big way. The name of the group is Turning Point USA. The have a wisdom that escapes many adults I talk to: economic wisdom. Their area of concern is what they call generational theft. Generational theft is what is happening to our youth due to our debt-ridden economic policies. Our children are being saddled with a burden that they may be unable to overcome unless we can be convinced to start today and do right by our kids. Stop the spending and balance our budgets!

We often hear that the youth vote is lost. We hear that they are either apathetic or willing to vote for whoever will provide them benefits,often being ignorant of the costs. I had the good fortune to hear this group speak and I came away inspired. They really do understand the damage that our Keynesian economic policies are doing now and to future generations. On their own they are articulating the concepts that are damaging and they do it without a partisan slant. They are not shy about calling out Republicans for not following their own advice. Seeing teenagers speak this message and speaking it well makes me realize the future is not lost. I got a lump in my throat listening to their passion on the subject. I kinda reminded me of me (LOL).

Better yet, Turning Point USA does not just preach to the choir. Aside of their appearances on television and with local groups, they have embarked on a college debate tour. On this tour they debate economic policy with college republicans and democrats and evangelize against the dangers of generational theft. I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to hear them speak to do so. While the subject matter is heavy and wonkish, seeing young adults that really “get it” will energize you and leave you feeling renewed and ready to take on the world yourself.

For more information on Turning Point USA, please click on one of the following links:

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