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…there is too much work to do.

I’m most likely preaching to the choir, but there are a lot of naive individuals that think if Barack Obama is no longer out president, then everything will just be hunky-dory. Nothing could be further from the truth. President Obama is more symptom than the disease. Barack Obama was able to become our president because the environment was primed for him. We had a Democratic House and Senate. We had an electorate that was mad at George Bush for being the steward of and promoting policies that he called conservative and Republican, but were so progressive, that Barack Obama only took what Bush did and did it harder.

Progressives believe their way is right. When their policies fail, and they always do, they just blame it on the people who fight them. They say that we haven’t tried it their way enough. I say enough is enough.

The big government, big spenders are running for congressional offices, state offices, municipal offices, and everything else they can get their hands on. We need to have conservatives, and the fiscally responsible run and win these “lesser” offices. Republicans can and have fallen for the spoils that big government can afford them. Power is seductive. The tea parties are the groups that have had the best success in keeping politicians honest. Tea parties have forced Republicans to distinguish themselves from Democrats. Where you have a strong tea party influence you see a stark contrast between the Democratic and Republican candidates. Where tea party influence is weak, you have Republicans running their campaigns telling their audience how much they buck conservative values.

Mitt Romney had a tough primary because he was looked upon as one of the least conservative candidates. What do you think will happen if there is no strong conservative group to keep him honest? Is it possible that he will get pushed toward more progressive policies like Bush I and Bush II? I wouldn’t bet against it. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi haven’t gone anywhere.

Obama’s losing the election (if it happens) is like cutting a head off of the hydra. There are many heads to replace it. Progressives are not going to curl up in a ball and give up.

Oh no, tea-partiers. You can’t stop now. Your job has just begun.

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