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By Ron Brzoska

Illinois is a blue state. Blue is an appropriate description since we are choking to death. We did more damage to ourselves by giving the Democrats that gave us a state ranked 48th in economic performance (2010 ALEC-Laffer State Competitiveness Index) a veto-proof majority in both houses of the general assembly to go along with Governor Pat Quinn. Now Democrats don’t need help to have one-party rule.

It’s obvious from the election results is that citizens and Republicans will need to things differently. There will need to be new ideas, strategies, and leaders. I believe these things will come from outside the traditional Republican establishment. When I can, I will showcase organizations with the values that Illinois needs. What I’m doing is nothing different from outright advertising. So what? This is my blog, If you don’t like it, get your own. :)

The group that I am showcasing today is the Illinois Center Right Coalition. This is a statewide organization, but it’s membership is predominately from Northern Illinois. I can proudly say that I am a former member of the group and can attest to the beliefs and abilities of a number of their members. They had a meeting earlier today, which I asked for them to provide me a recap on.

“Illinois Center Right Coalition November Meeting”

Today at the meeting we heard from several guest speakers.
Terry Gavin, candidate for Elgin City Council spoke about issues facing the City of Elgin. Terry’s Facebook page!/terry.gavin.3?fref=ts
Gary Percy, candidate for Dist U-46 School District spoke about his candidacy for U-46, the second largest school district in Illinois. His website is,
William Kelly, announced an exploratory committee for Illinois Comptroller, full release here.
We also discussed several other resolutions that will be discussed by the Steering Committee and will be shared if they are approved.

Frank Napolitano  – ICRC Chairman

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