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Welcome to “Waking America Up.” This is a new blog forum dedicated to expressing intellectual political arguements from a common sense point of view. This blog is coming from an everyday man and for everyday people. National, state, and local issues will be discussed. This blog is concerned with the truth about the issues. I believe that truths and answers for our nation come from conservative, Constitution-based principals. All viewpoints are welcome, but debate must be centered on FACTS. Leave your ego at the door.


  1. saw your observations on sandack/radogno…seems to me that a semi-well-funded conservative could slip in…i wish i lived close by to get involved, but we have some interesting races to be, here in Kendall County.

    • A semi-well funded conservative IS running. Deborah L. “Debbie” Boyle filed a nice clean petition packet, and holds solid positions on finance, pensions, health care, and family. Many of the local politicians came out very early supporting him, yet the Downers Grove Township Republican Precinct Committeemen voted overwhelmingly to endorse Deb Boyle, and the Illinois Liberty PAC interviewed both candidates and endorsed Boyle.

  2. also, your group analysis on the presidential candidates was about as right as it could be

    • Thank you for your comments.

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